Tanashi azalea from Saitama Prefecture

Today we would like to introduce Tanashi azalea (Rhododendron L.) grown by Mr. Shimizu, Hanahan, Saitama Prefecture.

Tanashi azalea, propagated by crossing Rhododendron kaempferi, is named after the growing area of “TANASHI” city, Tokyo (now belongs to Nishi-tokyo City).

Because Tanashi azalea grows slowly, it takes four to five years before the next harvest. And, after harvesting, it needs to be placed in the greenhouse for about one and a half month to make flowers bloom. Due to this time-and-effort-consuming cultivation method, the number of grower is decreasing year by year.

Even under these circumstances, Mr. Shimizu steadily provides Tanashi azaleas in good volume, and from this year he standardizes them by length for easy use to buyers.

The harvesting period will end in the end of April. He also cultivates other cut branches such as cherry blossoms and snowballs (Viburnum opulus Roseum).

Why don’t you use this cut branches for spring flower arrangements?

Original article written by Mr. Ikegami, translated by Fuchu