Redleaf rose, Rosa glauca from Kita-Sorachi Kouikiren

Today, we would like to introduce redleaf rose, Rosa glauca from Kita-Sorachi Kouikiren (regional federation of agricultural cooperatives), Hokkaido.

Since the beggining of this month, redleaf rose has been available shipped from Fukagawa city, Hokkaido, where redleaf rose is one of the local specialities.

Eight growers make a lot of effort and try to supply stable amount of the seasonal cut-tree branches, although the producton amount is decreasing due to the aging problem.

This year, it densely bears vivid-red berries. As the supply is expected to decrease gradually from the peak season right now, we recommend you to have a try asap.

Kita-Sorachi also brings autumn-colored hydrangeas, spiraea japonica, symphoricarpos and so on to our market.

By all means, please grab redleaf rose and other seasonal cut-tree branches from Kita-Sorachi!

Originally posted by Mr. Ishizuka

Translated by R.Kato

Akita Obako Agricultural cooperative “The Disbud Mums”

Today, we would like to introduce the Disbud Mums cultivated by Akita Obako Agricultural cooperative. Currently, only one producer from the cooperative brings those Disbud Mums to OTA. It is located in the cool highland, so the cultivating period is longer than the one for other items and the producer has to make a lot of effort to grow good quality Disbud Mums. The main varieties of Disbud Mums are feeling-green, golden-ping pong and super-ping pong. The trade will start from the next auction date with limited amount. Give it a try and enjoy its vivid color and long vase-life!

Original article written by Mr. Saito, translated by Iwashita

Shonai flower fair


Period: 12-16 July

Host: Flower Grower’s Liaison Council of Shonai
(Cosponsored by Shonai JAs and ZEN-NOH Yamagata Prefectural Headquarter)
Growers: JA Shonai Tagawa, JA Shonai Midori, JA Amarume, JA Sodeura
Items: Oriental lily, Dahlia, Lisianthus, Limonium sinensis
We introduced the representative varieties from Shonai from around Summer to Fall, during their shipping peak season.

  • 210712S107
  • 210712S102
  • 2019syounainohana

Messages from growers:
☟We are pleased to introduce messages from growers in the video !!
Please do have a look!

  • 210712doga


Let’s enjoy feeling the changing of the season with the flowers from Shonai.
Plenty of flower varieties are cultivated in Shonai region, reaching 30% of share among all flowers produced in Yamagata prefecture. The diversity comes from rich varieties of terrain, such as intermediate-mountain areas at the foot of Mt Chokai and Mt Gassan, the flat land of the Shonai Plain and the sand dunes near the sea.
Especially, stock, lisianthus and lily are main items in Shonai region, accounting for more than half of the production in prefecture.
In addition, they cultivate flowers that color your life throughout the year, such as Japanese spray mum, celosia and Keio-sakura (cherry blossom).


  • 210712S104
  • 210712S101
  • 210712S108
  • 210712S105


✤Calla・Oriental lily

  • 210712S138Gold Medal
    JA Sodeura
  • 210712S140Captain Trinity
    JA Sodeura
  • 210712S142Captain Ventura
    JA Sodeura
  • 210712S146Memories
    JA Sodeura
  • 210712S148Cantor
    JA Sodeura


  • 210712S150Forever
    JA Sodeura
  • 210712S184Siberia
    Oriental lily
    JA Sodeura
  • 210712S186Premium Blonde
    Oriental lily
    JA Sodeura
  • 210712S188Premium Blonde
    Oriental lily
    JA Shonai Midori



  • 210712S110Tiara
    JA Sodeura
  • 210712S112Siori
    JA Sodeura
  • 210712S114Sai-Setsu
    JA Sodeura
  • 210712S116Shiny Orange
    JA Sodeura
  • 210712S118Orge
    JA Sodeura


  • 210712S120Orange Smile
    JA Sodeura
  • 210712S122P.Pair Beauty
    JA Sodeura
  • 210712S124Aphrodite
    JA Sodeura
  • 210712S126Purple Sapphire
    JA Sodeura
  • 210712S128Red Opal
    JA Sodeura


  • 210712S130Jun’ai-no-Kimi
    JA Sodeura
  • 210712S132Asahi-Temari
    JA Sodeura
  • 210712S192Namahage-Crimson
    JA Shonai Tagawa
  • 210712S194Jun’ai-no-Kimi
    JA Shonai Tagawa
  • 210712S196Namahage Soleil
    JA Shonai Tagawa


  • 210712S198Shiawase-no-Hanayome
    JA Shonai Tagawa
  • 210712S200Sai-Setsu
    JA Shonai Tagawa



  • 210712S152Bon Voyage Pink
    JA Amarume
  • 210712S154Bon Voyage Sweet Pink
    JA Shonai Tagawa
  • 210712S156Maquia Light Pink
    JA Amarume
  • 210712S158Julius Light Pink
    JA Shonai Tagawa
  • 210712S160Monroe
    JA Shonai Tagawa


  • 210712S162Happiness White
    JA Shonai Tagawa
  • 210712S164Celebrich White
    JA Shonai Tagawa
  • 210712S166Amber double Mojito
    JA Shonai Tagawa
  • 210712S168Ciel Lavender
    JA Amarume
  • 210712S170Prima Lavender
    JA Shonai Tagawa


  • 210712S172Dean(ディーン)
    JA Shonai Tagawa
  • 210712S174Rosina Blue Picotee
    JA Shonai Tagawa
  • 210712S176Veil(3)Blue
    JA Shonai Tagawa
  • 210712S178Rosina Blue Picotee
    JA Amarume



✤Limonium sinensis・Delphinium

  • 210712S134Orange queen
    JA Shonai Midori
  • 210712S136Kurume rose
    JA Shonai Midori
  • 210712S180Aurora Blue
    JA Sodeura
  • 210712S182Blue Fantasia 100
    Limonium sinensis
    JA Shonai Midori


Chrysal professional 2 is given to the water of displayed items.

TS Mericlone CO. Ltd.✦cherry blossom collection

Grower:TS Mericlone CO. Ltd.
Family:Limonium sinensis (cherry blossom collection)
Period:17-28 May


We displayed the cherry blossom collection of Limonium sinensis which has many different colors, each having some subtle differences in color, light and shade. Few flowers fall and it lasts for a long time.

These double-petal varieties bloom like lumpy rice grains at the early stage of blooming, and as they bloom further, they become fluffy spheroidal petals!!
You can enjoy different views depending on when you see them.♪♫♩
These can also be enjoyed as dried flowers.

✤TS Mericlone Co. Ltd is a nursery located in Yamanashi prefecture. Through meri-clone technology they provide an improved statice nursery plant to growers all over Japan.

Please take a look at Limonium sinensis which receives abundant sunlight in Yatsugatake,
so it grows energetically on the test fields.

Photos show both the whole flowers and a close-up of the flowers.☟☟☟

✤Variety introduction:

  • 210517S103Haku-Ryu(白流)
  • 210517S104Haku-Ryu(白流)
  • 210517S106Kyoku-Jitsu(極日)
  • 210517S107Kyoku-Jitsu(極日)↗UP


  • 210517S109Gassan(月山)
  • 210517S110Gassan(月山)↗UP
  • 210517S112Kon-Paru(金春)
  • 210517S113Kon-Paru(金春)↗UP


  • 210517S115Yamabuki(山吹)
  • 210517S116Yamabuki(山吹)↗UP
  • 210517S181Camel(きゃめる)
  • 210517S182Camel(きゃめる)↗UP


  • 210517S121Yo-Shun(陽春)
  • 210517S122Yo-Shun(陽春)↗UP
  • 210517S124DYO1906(New Variety)
  • 210517S125DYO1906(New Variety)↗UP


  • 210517S127Minami-Juji-Sei(南十字星)
  • 210517S128Minami-Juji-Sei(南十字星)↗UP
  • 210517S130Ariake-Hime(有明姫)
  • 210517S131Ariake-Hime(有明姫)↗UP


  • 210517S133Kissho(吉祥)
  • 210517S134Kissho(吉祥)↗UP
  • 210517S136Yo-Ko(陽光)
  • 210517S137Yo-Ko(陽光)↗UP


  • 210517S139Od2004(New variety)
  • 210517S140Od2004(New variety)↗UP
  • 210517S142Hi-Un(飛雲)
  • 210517S143Hi-Un(飛雲)↗UP


  • 210517S145Mitsu-Getsu(蜜月)
  • 210517S146Mitsu-Getsu(蜜月)↗UP
  • 210517S148Un-Ryu(雲竜)
  • 210517S149Un-Ryu(雲竜)↗UP


  • 210517S151Shu-Gen(朱幻)
  • 210517S152Shu-Gen(朱幻)↗UP
  • 210517S154Hei-An(平安)
  • 210517S155Hei-An(平安)↗UP


  • 210517S157Tou-Sui(陶酔)
  • 210517S158Tou-Sui(陶酔)↗UP
  • 210517S160Miyabi(雅)
  • 210517S161Miyabi(雅)↗UP


  • 210517S163Kyo-Mai(京舞)
  • 210517S164Kyo-Mai(京舞)↗UP
  • 210517S166Chi-Dori(千鳥)
  • 210517S167Chi-Dori(千鳥)↗UP


  • 210517S169Ro-Ran(桜蘭)
  • 210517S170Ro-Ran(桜蘭)↗UP
  • 210517S172Denko-Sekka(電光赤華)
  • 210517S173Denko-Sekka(電光赤華)↗UP


  • 210517S175Ikaruga(斑鳩)
  • 210517S176Ikaruga(斑鳩)↗UP
  • 210517S178Kassai(喝采)
  • 210517S179Kassai(喝采)↗UP


Mericlone means:
A plant that has been cloned via meristem propagation.

Chysal professional 2 is given to the water of displayed items.

Peony from JA Nakano-shi

Growers:JA nakano-shi (Nagano Prefecture)

Now is the best season! Today we would like to introduce peonies of JA Nakano -shi, Nagano prefecture that are now at the peak of harvest for their outdoor cultivation.

✤Enjoy full bloom
Their peonies can bloom large and maintain high-quality because they nourish nursery stock for as long as five years after planting. In addition, they can determine the best timing to harvest the peonies so that they can deliver “peony that can bloom to last in full”

✤How to hydrate peonies
Peony may have sticky nectar on the flower buts.
Because the flower nectar restrain flowering, so you need to wash away the nectar firstly  and cut the bottom of stem in the water for better water uptake. In addition, peonies have large leaves that transpire a lot, so we suggest that you should take off some leaves for long vase life.

To rehydrate peonies, please check movies on our Instagram.

✤Let’s enjoy the fragrance of peony!
Peonies have a fascinating bloom shape, but also have rich fragrance. You can enjoy the fresh fragrance only with a single stem of peony, but if you combine it with other fragrant flowers like roses or herbs, you can increase the effect of fragrance even more!
Why don’t you try this wonderful flower?

  • 210503S502Shirotae
  • 210503S504Oriental Gold
  • 210503S506Bartzella
  • 210503S508UNIVERSE STAR
  • 210503S510Miraika


  • 210503S512Maxima
  • 210503S516Roosevelt
  • 210503S518Bunker Hill
  • 210503S520Fuji
  • 210503S522Sarah Bernhardt


Chrysal professional 2 is given to the water of displayed items.

Translated by Y. Fuchu