Rubus and “Baby Hands” cut branches from Hokkaido

Today we will introduce Rubus cut branches and the “Baby Hands” from Hokkaido. 

Rubus cut branches from Hokkaido are characterized by a smooth-textured leaf surface compared with the ones from other places. The Baby Hands is originated from and a registered variety in Hokkaido as mutant varieties of native species, and is now also produced in Miyazaki and Kagawa prefectures 

 “Baby Hands” from Hokkaido has shorter internodes than native species with small and bright yellowish green leaves. The small and freshcolored  young-look leaves are just as cute as baby hands! 

Rubus is cultivated at JA Kita Ishikari, JA Sapporo East Keizai Center, JA Sapporo West Keizai Center, and Baby Hands is at JA Kitaishikari, JA Kitasorachi and KitanoJunjo Club until autumn when leaves turn to red and yellow in November. High quality produces can be expected this year, thanks to good weather and good control of pests. 

Original Article written by Mr. Orikasa,
Translated and edited by R. Kato

Lovely Rose “White Woods” from JA Shizuoka City

“White Woods”

Today we would like to introduce the “White Woods” rose from JA Shizuoka City, located about 200 km to the west of Tokyo.

This is a micro-mini spray type rose mutated from the “Little Woods”.

“Little Woods”

Since it does not grow long due to a characteristic of the variety, the length of majority available at the market is about 30cm. In addition, because the original variety “Little Woods” is pink, it sometimes turns into slightly pink in high temperatures. Although we are working to increase the production volume, the number is still limited, so it is still a very rare variety.

This rose, apart from the gorgeous image of roses, is a very lovely rose that positively betrays people’s expectations.


Original Article written by Mr. Hayashi,
Translated and edited by Y. Fuchu

Smoke Tree from JA Ehime Chuo


Today we are offering Smoke Tree (Cotinus coggygria) from JA Ehime-Chuo in Ehime prefecture.

At JA Ehime-Chuo, the growers never harvest Smoke Trees in an early (stiff) stage, but wait for them to be as fluffy as they can. Plus, the growers try their best to enhance the natural color of them like white or green.

From now on, the supply of Smoke Trees is expected to continue towards the end of June with the variety of “Red Fur” and “Peach Fur” mainly, and some Green types too. Later on, we will be receiving Smoke Trees from Yamagata and Aomori prefectures as the production area goes up to the north of Japan.

Smoke Tree has been recently getting a lot popular overseas especially in other Asian countries.
Please don’t miss these early-summer items from JA Ehime-Chuo that are of great quality!



Original Article written by Mr. Ikegami,
Translated and edited by S. Yamamoto

Big-Bloom Callistephus from Mitoyo

Today we would like to offer Big-Bloom Callistephus from Mitoyo Eino Center in Kagawa prefecture.

We have been receiving their Callistephus since the beginning of May just as any other year.  In Mitoyo there are five of the growers that grow big-bloom types, and fifteen in total including the ones that grow other types such as “Macaron” and “Arrange Star”. All of the fifteen growers are dedicated to supply us Callistephus almost all year around.

Among the big-bloom types, the leading variety is “Mash Salmon” and other trial varieties like blue ones have also been supplied during this year. The growers are ‘relaying’ the production in order to supply them constantly till around the end of October.

Since big-bloom types of Callistephus tend to overly open from the center of their flower (which degrades the quality), the growers at Mitoyo Eino Center make special treatments depending on the season and whether they are spray or standard. We would appreciate it if you make a good use of this well-cared flower.



Original article written by Mr. Mieda,
Translated by S. Yamamoto

Gloriosa lily from Misato



Today we are offering Misato Gloriosa from the growers cooperative of JA Kochi-city.

In Misato area, there are thirty-five growers shipping Gloriosa and their “Southern Wind” is a big hit internationally.

Lately they have also been yielding other varieties in different colors besides yellow, as in Pink, Green, and Cream which are yet to be named. They are still in the experimental stage so the amount is limited at the moment, but it is going to increase from now on.

Please consider taking these new varieties.


Original article written by Mr. Watanabe,
Translated and edited by S. Yamamoto