Variety Spotlight: ‘Wedding Plan’ Rose by Inochio Seikouen

Today, we introduce the ‘Wedding Plan’ rose, a white spray rose of exceptional quality by Inochio Seikouen. 

This particular rose is a unique selectively-bred variety similar to from the Eclair rose and has been supplied to us by Nakamura Rose Garden in Yamagata Prefecture. It boasts pure white, large cup-shaped blooms and is distinguished by its uncommon green-centered as a white spray rose.

Nakamura Rose Garden, our esteemed supplier, prioritizes carefulness while choosing flowers, they use hand selection over instead of mechanical sorting to prevent any scratches and damage to the flowers.

Currently, the availability of different sizes range from approximately 50 cm to 30 cm, with an average daily shipment supply volume of around four cases. The ‘Wedding Plan’ rose stands out not only for its filling volume but also for its charming and versatile appearance, making it a harmonious addition to various floral arrangements.

We anticipate continued availability of the ‘Wedding Plan’ rose in the future, and we kindly invite you to consider this exquisite variety for your wedding and special occasions. 

Originally posted by Ms. Hiraga 

Translated by Ms. Shang Kuan