Eustoma grandiflorum from Nagano



Grower: JA Green Nagano, JA Kamiina
Item: Eustoma grandiflorum
We displayed Eustoma grandiflorum of two cooperatives (Japan Agricultural Co-operatives: JA) from Nagano prefecture.


✧JA Green Nagano
is unique in “relay shipment” and quite a few varieties, taking the advantage of the difference in elevation.
Especially for Eustoma grandiflorum, thanks to the cultivation type and the difference of elevation in the area, growers are able to supply them for a long term in a year (from May to November).

  • 191014S102Final Rose
  • 191014S104Prime White
  • 191014S106Rosina Lavender
  • 191014S108Julias Lavender


✧JA Kamiina
is located in the south of Nagano prefecture, alongside with the river Tenryu that flows between the Central Alps and the South Alps.

Flowers are grown all year around in this area.
Especially for Eustoma grandiflorum, growers produce mainly JA Kamiina’s original varieties.

  • 191014S110Yukigassen Yellow
  • 191014S112Senjo no Yuki
  • 191014S114Anchor Pink

Yukigassen Yellow
Blooming gorgeously like a rose, its gentle cream color makes you warm fuzzy.
The petals are round and many, its vase-life is long, and the neck(bottom) of flowers is stiff.
Senjo no Yuki
Swirling in pure white just like a soft serve ice cream, it looks sweet and delicious♪
It was named after the great mountain in the South Alps, “Mt. Senjo-gatake”.
The petals are thick and its pure white is beautiful.
Anchor Pink
It is the last one of the Kamiina’s original varieties so was named “Anchor” as a last runner is called anchor.
The petals are thick and its vase-life is long.

Chrysal professional 2 is given to the water of displayed items.

Translated by S. Yamamoto