White laceflower with firm stems

White laceflower (alias: bishop’s weed, binomial name: Ammi majus) growing at  Minami Bousou peninsula, located in the south area of Chiba prefecture.

White laceflower is native to the Mediterranean. So, it originally likes warm atmosphere. But when it is too warm, stems grow up so fast that they eventually become weak.

On the other hand, in cold atmosphere, stems grow up slowly, and they become firm. Now is a good season to use White laceflower as a cut flower thanks to its firm stems. But excessive coldness could kill White laceflower, because it doesn’t have cold-tolerance.

Growers of White laceflower must pay a lot of attention to temperature control.

Pictures: White laceflower growing at Chiba prefecture

by Maako Y.

Treasure Ship

This year’s first auction started from 7:00 on Friday, January 5, 2018.

At the fore-end, our CEO, Mr. Isomura greeted buyers and the representative of Ota Shinwa-kai, Yoshichu followed who produced the “treasure ships”.


In Japan, we believe seven gods deliver good fortune by treasure ships. At the flower market, treasure ships – filled with various kinds of flowers – symbolize a rich harvest of flowers and prosperity of business.

Every year, the first auction starts from auction of treasure ships.

Treasure ship”Daikoku-maru”


Treasure ship “Ebisu-maru”


We appreciate your continuous patronage this year.


Heartfelt thanks and greetings for the new year.
We are grateful for all your support of last year and continuous help for new year.
We hope this year will bring you all much success and joy.

Senryo・Kokematsu・Kokeume auction 2017


A special auction for “Senryo”(Sarcandra glabra), ”Kokematsu(pine with moss)” and  ”Kokeume(prunus with moss)” of this year was held on December 17 Sunday at 7:00 am. Those items are indispensible for decorations of celebrating the New Year in Japan.

Regarding “Senryo” this year, the condition of fruit and the volume is better than in past years. But, like a cut pine tree, it has been influenced by 2 consecutive typhoons in the end of October. So, leaves of Senryo from some farms have got salt damage, and each grower had a hard time for cultivation and carefully selected good quality Senryo for shipment.



Regarding “Kokematsu”, damaged from insects on leaves, the number of items in good volume is decreasing recently but we could collect easy-to-use “Sanko-harigoke” from Mr. Hasegawa, Mr. Sunouchi and Mr. Shioiri, who are excellent pine growers.

Regarding “Kokeume”, Mr. Hiroyuki Suzuki and Green Tec Corporation carefully selected and shipped good items with blooming prunus.

Cyclamens are now in season!

Potted Cyclamen is now in season. So many Cyclamens are gathering to Ota Floriculture Auction Market.


Cyclamen is good to enjoy in winter, because it is tolerant to coldness.We call Cyclamen “Kagaribi-bana”. It literally means bonfire-flower, because it looks like burning bonfire in its shape and color.



Cyclamen is rich in colors like red, pink, white and even purple! Genetically-modified blue(purple) Cyclamen is now available at the market.