NAMAHAGE Dahlias – Start of relayed shipment

– Exhibition details
Sponsor : Akita Prefecture, Miyazaki Prefecture
Producer : ZEN-NOH Shin Akita, ZEN-NOH Miyazaki Chuo
Exhibit : “NAMAHAGE Dahlias”
Flower Artist : Mr. Seiji Nakamigawa


Akita Prefecture and Miyazaki Prefecture jointly promote the start of relayed shipment of “NAMAHAGE Dahlia”. A series of “NAMAHAGE Dahlia” variety is originated from Akita Prefecture.

As a new approach from this year, it has become possible to get the “NAMAHAGE Dahlia” throughout the year by cooperation between Akita and Miyazaki.


The following 4 varieties are shipped from Miyazaki as well this year.






We proudly introduce “White-painted” from Ms Kyoko Kawai. “White-painted” is commonly used as a structural decoration for Japanese Ikebana arrangement.

Ms Kawai is a supplier of cut tree branches, mainly. “White-painted” is listed from November, prepared from October while she is busy shipping Autumn-leaf cut branches. It takes at least 4 days to finish it after cutting, removing leaves, painting and drying.

We have white-painted Enkianthus perulatus, Rhododendron dilatatum, Rhododendron kaempferi, Clethra and Alnus firma shipped from Ms Kawai. Available length is up to 3 meters.

From around December 10, we expect to receive “Red-painted” for the decoration of New Year’s Day in addition to “White-painted”.

Good “mums” day

In Japan, November 6 becomes a new anniversary of chrysanthemum, promoted jointly by growers, retailers and wholesalers. It comes from two reasons; (1) chrysanthemum is a autumn flower and (2) 1-1-0-6 can be pronounced in Japanese as good “mums” by playing-on-words.

Chrysanthemum naturally blooms between October 20 and December 20 in Japan. Historically, it was (and has been) one of luxurious hobbies to enjoy making chrysanthemum bloom. We can find exhibitions of chrysanthemums and chrysanthemum-dolls everywhere in Japan during this period.

Please enjoy chrysanthemums competing each other in blooming during this season when you can do best in a year.

OTA joined intl. auction group

In September 2017, Taichung, Taiwan, OTA has signed the Memorandum of Understanding for cooperation among six flower auction markets from the Netherlands, Brazil, China, Australia, Taiwan and Japan. The international flower auction group is organized by AIPH (Association Internationale des Producteurs de l’Horticulture) which is a global association of horticultural producers from 25 countries.

In favor of growers and buyers, all members promise to commit to building a platform to exchange knowledge and technology, and to strengthening development of sustainability. The group plans to continue periodical talks about those matters.