Trick or Vincent’s?



Promoter: Sakata Seed Corporation
Grower: JA Shinsunagawa
Item: Helianthus annuus (Sunflower) “Vincent’s series”
Flower design: Ms. Keiko Ueno, Liberte Inc.


Another recommendation for Halloween!!
We displayed the series of “Vincent” by Sakata Seed Co. this year too.

The showcase this year got full of the Halloween arrangements in chic modern black that were made by Ms. Keiko Ueno of Liberte Inc.

“Vincent” was named after the Vincent van Gogh, who put his soul into his works of Sunflower.

  • vincent halloween2017-1
  • vincent halloween2017-2


The type of the Vincent for this time was “Vincent (Type 2) Navel”, and its color is warmer among the series. This is why it goes very well with the color of pumpkins so is suitable for decorations in Fall like for Halloween. The cute shape with its multiple round petals is even great for enjoyable Halloween.kabocha

  • 180924S101
  • 180924S104
  • 180924S105
  • 180924S106
  • 180924S107Vincent Navel


The flowers of Vincent’s series are also looking up that are definitely handy for bouquet arrangements!!

  • 180924S110
  • 180924S112
  • 180924S113
  • 180924S114
  • 180924S116


  • 180924S109
  • 180924S115
  • 180924S117


Let’s have fun with Helianthus Vincent in Halloween!


Translated by S. Yamamoto