Traditional New Year flower decoration



Item:Cut pine tree, “Senryo” (Sarcandra glabra)
Cut pine tree
Mr. Shioiri Katsumine, Mr. Hasegawa Akihiro (Ibaraki Prefecture)
“Senryo” (Sarcandra glabra)
JA Kochi Geitosougo (Kochi Prefecture), Mr. Endo kozaemon, Mr. Hasegawa Matabe (Ibaraki Prefecture)

We displayed Cut pine tree and “Senryo” which have been traditionally important items for the Japanese people to celebrate the New Year’s Day.

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matsu Since pine tree is an evergreen plant which does not lose its leaves all year round, it has been regarded as a lucky charm, symbolizing long life.

In addition, it is displayed on the entrance gate of a house as a mark to welcome the “Toshigami-sama”. Toshigami-sama is a deity based on Japan’s Shinto-ism who is thought to visit each house on the New Year’s Day to bring happiness to people. The deity is also said to rule agriculture and brings a good harvest.

matsu Annual special auction for Cut pine tree was held on December 6.

matsu Variety Introduction
Please pay attention not only to the product lineup but also to the auspicious names.

”Syoryu” literally means a rising dragon. The dragon is a symbol of good luck. “Fukurai” literally means fortune coming. Both are auspicious names suitable for New Year’s celebrations.

✤ Mr. Shioiri Katsumine   “Nebikimatsu” (pines with roots)  

  • 201130M106Shoryu Nebiki
  • 201130M108Fukurai Syoryu Nebiki
  • 201130M110Miyajima Goyo

✤ Mr. Hasegawa Aklihiro  “Nebikimatsu” (pines with roots

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  • 201130M114
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It is said that Sarcandra glabra was named after “a lot of money” because it bears many little red or yellow fruits in Japan’s cold season – and that is preciously equivalent with a lot of money. Since it has such a lucky name, people decorate it on the New Year’s Day wishing business prosperous and good luck with money.

*When we say “Senryo”, “ryo” (両) is a unit of money used in Japan until the Edo period. “Sen” (千) means 1,000 in Japanese. 1,000 Ryo is currently $ 1.2 million worth.

Annual special auction for “Senryo”, “Kokematsu” and “Kokeume” was held on December 16.

✤ JA Kochi Prefecture Geitosougo 

  • 201207SE100Sarcandra glabra 7Bunch 90㎝
  • 201207SE103Sarcandra glabra 5Bunch 90㎝
  • 201207SE106Sarcandra glabra 4Bunch 90㎝


✤ Mr. Endo Kozaemon 

  • 201207SE117Sarcandra glabra 1st class
  • 201207SE120Sarcandra glabra 2nd class

✤ Mr. Hasegawa Matabe 

  • 201207SE114Sarcandra glabra Special grade

✤ Sarcandra glabra is quite easy to wilt.
Therefore, we recommend a special watering method to smash the stem to increase water uptake.

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We propose the traditional Japanese culture of flowers by decorating Cut pine trees and Sarcandra glabra at home, wishing for a Happy New Year!

Translated and edited by Y. Fuchu