Sweet Pea from Atsumi, “The capital of flowers“


Grower: Atsumi in JA Aichi Minami
Item: Sweet Pea (Lathyrus odoratus)

We displayed cute sweet peas that have sweet fragrances and plentiful colors.

  • 200224S154


Atsumi’s Sweet Pea is in season in March for their colors, volumes and vase-lives.

  • 200224S102Royal Blue
  • 200224S104Catherine
  • 200224S106Celeste
  • 200224S108Grace
  • 200224S110Marriage


  • 200224S112Polaris
  • 200224S114Scarlet
  • 200224S116Shocking Pink
  • 200224S118Emily
  • 200224S120Valentine


  • 200224S122Tiara
  • 200224S124Dianna
  • 200224S126Pink Sloth
  • 200224S128First Lady
  • 200224S130Sylphy


  • 200224S132Jewelry
  • 200224S134Honey
  • 200224S136Apricot
  • 200224S138Tsuki no Shizuku
  • 200224S140Stella


  • 200224S142Silvia
  • 200224S144Ai no Hana
  • 200224S146Green
  • 200224S148Yellow
  • 200224S150Lemon


  • 200224S152Orange

March is the season for outings and celebrating graduations.
This year however you may feel uneasy to go outside…
So, we suggest gifting seasonal Sweet Pea to your children or decorating your room with them to enjoy flowers at home.

Chrysal professional 2 is given to the water of displayed items.


Translated by S. Yamamoto