Senryo・Kokematsu・Kokeume auction 2018

Annual auction for “Senryo”, “Kokematsu” and “Kokeume” was held on December 16, Sunday at 7:00 AM.

This year was a so called low-yielding year for “Senryo” (Sarcandra glabra) that comes every other year, as they last year got small numbers of new shoots to fruit the next year, and they actually fruited loosely because the blooms fell off earlier than usual due to the rough climate that the rainy season ended early, and the summer heat went extreme. Additionally, just like pine trees, numerous typhoons caused salt damage to the leaves of Senryo, which made this year’s yield even less. Every grower therefore put their special effort into sorting in order to ship great ones.

Although there were too many natural disasters in this year, we truly hope that retailers sell them sincerely to customers. Growers’ effort then can be paid for.

Regarding “Kokematsu” (pine with moss), the number of larger ones has been decreasing because of insects or being damped off, still we received splendid ones that had been grown carefully for decades. We also received a lot of easy-to-use ones in terms of size like “Sanko Harigoke” from Mr. Hasegawa, Mr. Sunouchi, and Mr. Shioya.

Regarding “Kokeume” (prunus with moss), we received specially-sorted ones with blossoms, from Mr. Hiroyuki Suzuki and Green Tech Inc. These can be useful for displays like in a hotel lobby.

Original article written by Mr. Takeda, translated by S. Yamamoto