TS Mericlone CO. Ltd.✦cherry blossom collection

Grower:TS Mericlone CO. Ltd.
Family:Limonium sinensis (cherry blossom collection)
Period:17-28 May


We displayed the cherry blossom collection of Limonium sinensis which has many different colors, each having some subtle differences in color, light and shade. Few flowers fall and it lasts for a long time.

These double-petal varieties bloom like lumpy rice grains at the early stage of blooming, and as they bloom further, they become fluffy spheroidal petals!!
You can enjoy different views depending on when you see them.♪♫♩
These can also be enjoyed as dried flowers.

✤TS Mericlone Co. Ltd is a nursery located in Yamanashi prefecture. Through meri-clone technology they provide an improved statice nursery plant to growers all over Japan.

Please take a look at Limonium sinensis which receives abundant sunlight in Yatsugatake,
so it grows energetically on the test fields.

Photos show both the whole flowers and a close-up of the flowers.☟☟☟

✤Variety introduction:

  • 210517S103Haku-Ryu(白流)
  • 210517S104Haku-Ryu(白流)
  • 210517S106Kyoku-Jitsu(極日)
  • 210517S107Kyoku-Jitsu(極日)↗UP


  • 210517S109Gassan(月山)
  • 210517S110Gassan(月山)↗UP
  • 210517S112Kon-Paru(金春)
  • 210517S113Kon-Paru(金春)↗UP


  • 210517S115Yamabuki(山吹)
  • 210517S116Yamabuki(山吹)↗UP
  • 210517S181Camel(きゃめる)
  • 210517S182Camel(きゃめる)↗UP


  • 210517S121Yo-Shun(陽春)
  • 210517S122Yo-Shun(陽春)↗UP
  • 210517S124DYO1906(New Variety)
  • 210517S125DYO1906(New Variety)↗UP


  • 210517S127Minami-Juji-Sei(南十字星)
  • 210517S128Minami-Juji-Sei(南十字星)↗UP
  • 210517S130Ariake-Hime(有明姫)
  • 210517S131Ariake-Hime(有明姫)↗UP


  • 210517S133Kissho(吉祥)
  • 210517S134Kissho(吉祥)↗UP
  • 210517S136Yo-Ko(陽光)
  • 210517S137Yo-Ko(陽光)↗UP


  • 210517S139Od2004(New variety)
  • 210517S140Od2004(New variety)↗UP
  • 210517S142Hi-Un(飛雲)
  • 210517S143Hi-Un(飛雲)↗UP


  • 210517S145Mitsu-Getsu(蜜月)
  • 210517S146Mitsu-Getsu(蜜月)↗UP
  • 210517S148Un-Ryu(雲竜)
  • 210517S149Un-Ryu(雲竜)↗UP


  • 210517S151Shu-Gen(朱幻)
  • 210517S152Shu-Gen(朱幻)↗UP
  • 210517S154Hei-An(平安)
  • 210517S155Hei-An(平安)↗UP


  • 210517S157Tou-Sui(陶酔)
  • 210517S158Tou-Sui(陶酔)↗UP
  • 210517S160Miyabi(雅)
  • 210517S161Miyabi(雅)↗UP


  • 210517S163Kyo-Mai(京舞)
  • 210517S164Kyo-Mai(京舞)↗UP
  • 210517S166Chi-Dori(千鳥)
  • 210517S167Chi-Dori(千鳥)↗UP


  • 210517S169Ro-Ran(桜蘭)
  • 210517S170Ro-Ran(桜蘭)↗UP
  • 210517S172Denko-Sekka(電光赤華)
  • 210517S173Denko-Sekka(電光赤華)↗UP


  • 210517S175Ikaruga(斑鳩)
  • 210517S176Ikaruga(斑鳩)↗UP
  • 210517S178Kassai(喝采)
  • 210517S179Kassai(喝采)↗UP


Mericlone means:
A plant that has been cloned via meristem propagation.

Chysal professional 2 is given to the water of displayed items.