Halloween fair ☆ 2020

Halloween is predominantly cerebrated in the English-speaking countries. Especially in Ireland, the beginning place of Halloween, the last Monday of October is set as a holiday, and the custom of celebrating Halloween remains in the purest way.

In Japan, the Kiddy Land, the famous toy store in Harajuku, Tokyo began to sell Halloween-related products in the 1970s. And the “Hello Halloween Pumpkin Parade in Harajuku”, which the Kiddy Land planned for sales promotion in 1983, is said to be the first Halloween event in Japan, and at that time about 100 participants dressed themselves in Halloween costumes.

It became widely known in Japan because Tokyo Disneyland cerebrated Halloween in 1997 and Universal Studios Japan also held it in 2002.


Assortment:Pumpkin, Solanum mammosum,
Miscanthus sinensi, Panicum virgatum, Celosia argentea, etc.

We introduce Halloween-associating pumpkins, berries and flowers coloring fruitful autumn. You can find the wide assortment of pumpkins with different colors, shapes and sizes from palm-size to holding-in-arms-size.

Halloween on October 31st becomes one of the biggest autumn event in Japan.

Although we cannot meet up and hold a big party this year , I hope that you can enjoy your Halloween day at home.

You can enjoy decorating a big pumpkin at home, scattering palm-size pumpkins with seasonal flowers on a table, making a jack-o-lantern with your child, and so on.

This year, we propose ideas of decoration in black and orange as main colors that remind us of witches, together with dried native flowers, and vases decorated with black lace and ribbons in a Gothic & Lolita fashion.

✼✼✼Variety introduction ✼✼✼

Mini pumpkin
Kitasorachi regional union

Kitasorachi regional union

Fruits Mix
Kitasorachi regional union

Rouge Vif d’Etampes
Kitasorachi regional union

Autumn orange
Kitasorachi regional union

Fruits Mix
JA Takikawa Ashibetsu

Recommended flowers and berries for Halloween

Solanum mammosum
JA Awa Toyofusa

Chestnut fruit
Isobe Teruko

Gomphocarpus physocarpus
JA Minami Shinsyu

Miscanthus sinensis
Isobe Teruko

Celosia cristata “Sekka” (petrified)
Ono Shigeo

Capsicum annuum “Conical black”
JA Minami Shinsyuu

Capsicum annuum “Conical green”
JA Minami Shinsyu

Iris domestica
JA Minami Shinsyu

Celosia argentea “Roseberry parfait”
JA Minami Shinsyu

It gives an atmosphere by bundling dried native flowers in swags!

Let’s enjoy Halloween with gratitude for the autumn harvest ♪


Translated by R.Kato