“Odoru Tancho” from JA Kumamoto-city



Today we are offering “Odoru Tancho” from JA Kumamoto-city, and Allium from Kumamoto-prefecture.
JA Kumamoto-city supplies the “Odoru Tancho” (Allium) that literally means “dancing crane,” and growers make it bent manually in a distinctive way so that each looks differently.
From Kumamoto-prefecture, other types of Allium like “Blue Perfume,” “Sky Perfume,” and “Shoryu” which is a super big-bloom type are also available.

  • Blue Perfume
  • Sky Perfume Wave
  • Shoryu


Thanks to its warm climate, we have been receiving products from Kumamoto-prefecture since the beginning of March, ahead of other areas in Japan. From now to April the amount and the number of their products will increase, so please consider using them for seasonal items as a decorative accent.




Original Article by Mr Takagi,
Translated and edited by S. Yamamoto