Host: Japan Flower Selections association

✤Japan Flower Selections (JFS) is…
the unified flower variety contest all through flower supply chain partners in Japan with the concept of “New standards for excellent flowers” hosted by Japan Flower Selections Association since spring of 2006. Among new bred flower varieties in Japan and overseas, the most excellent varieties are chosen from the viewpoint that can be truly recommended to consumers.

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On November 4th, experts from the flower supply chain partners in Japan like academic experts, distributors, retailers, designers, etc. gathered and fairly judged to choose them.

Firstly we introduce the variety prized ♔“Best Flower”.  Special prizes follow together with comments from prize winners.

Chrysanthemum “Sei Fest”

  • 201102JPS114
  • 201102JPS115

Promoter: Inochio Seikoen Inc.
Characterized by gorgeous red and white coloring!
The slight warp at the tip of the petals creates elegance.
When you add just 1 stem to your arrangement, it will be a very gorgeous one.
*This flower also has got “New Style” prize at the same time!

Rose “Bridal macaron”

  • 201102JPS140
  • 201102JPS141

Promoter: Tanamachi Engeijyo Ltd.
The flower size is between small and medium, and the flower color has a pink gradation from the outside to the inside.
Since the lateral flower also blooms firmly, it becomes a polycyclic flower shape and gives a gorgeous impression.
*This flower also has  got “Most Joy” prize, “Life design” prize and “New Style” prize at the same time!

Rose  “Lovely raspberry rose”

  • 201102JPS144
  • 201102JPS145

Promoter: Tanamachi Engeijyo LLC.
The flower size is between small and medium, easy to use for arrangements and bouquets.
The flower color is bright pink. This flower has a gorgeous atmosphere because it is rosette-shaped and has many petals, and in addition, it is cute when the shape of flower changes to pompon-shaped.
*This flower also has got “New Value” prize at the same time!

Next, we will introduce all prize winners!

  • 201102JPS102Celosia argentea
    Asukaen Co., Ltd.
    “Color create” prize
  • 201102JPS104Celosia argentea
    Asukaen Co., Ltd.
  • 201102JPS106Celosia argentea
    Asukaen Co., Ltd.
  • 201102JPS108Celosia argentea
    Asukaen Co., Ltd.
  • 201102JPS110Celosia argentea
    Asukaen Co., Ltd.
    “Photogenic” prize


  • 201102JPS100Alstroemeria
    Green Moja
    Katagiri Kakien
    “New Style” prize
  • 201102JPS112Chrysanthemum
    Sei Nouveau
    Inochio Seikoen Inc.
    “Life Design” prize
  • 201102JPS118Chrysanthemum
    Sei Folia
    Inochio Seikoen Inc.
  • 201102JPS120Chrysanthemum
    Sei Manoa
    Inochio Seikoen Inc.
    “Japan Design” prize
  • 201102JPS128Dianthus caryophyllus
    Luxurly Lightpink


  • 201102JPS122Delphinium
    Final Yellow
    Flower Road Project
    “Color create” prize
  • 201102JPS124Delphinium
    Love pink Sakura N.ver
    Flower Road Project
  • 201102JPS126Delphinium
    Love blue N.ver
    Flower Road Project
  • 201102JPS130Eustoma grandiflorum
    PF Double snow
    “Breeding” prize
  • 201102JPS132Eustoma grandiflorum
    Granas Blue


  • 201102JPS134Eustoma grandiflorum
    Julius Snow
    “Good Performance” prize
  • 201102JPS136Rose
    Kensington Gardens!
    Inochio Seikoen Inc.
  • 201102JPS138Rose
    French rum rose
    Tanamachi Engeijyo LLC.
  • 201102JPS148Rose
    Rote Welt
    Asami Rose Selection
    “Good Performance” prize


Please find the details on their official website.

Chrysal professional 2 is given to the water of displayed items.

Translated by Y. Fuchu