JA Toyohashi fair 2020

JA Toyohashi fair 2020 – Flowers that color the new year’s holiday –



Grower:JA Toyohashi(Aichi Prefecture)
Item:Brassica oleracea var. acephala f. tricolor & Delphinium
JA Toyohashi grows a wide assortment of flowers with lots of different colors, which can fit European flower arrangements rather than traditional Japanese ones.
We proudly introduce flowers from Toyohashi and hope they make people happy and give peace of mind.


  • 201130S127
  • 201130S100


We display Brassica oleracea var. acephala f. tricolor & Delphinium with JA Toyohashi’s mascot character “TOPPY chan”
JA Toyohashi grows a variety of flowers using an original cultivation method called “toppy cultivation.”

*What is toppy cultivation?   A special cultivation method on a tray that restrains growth and produces flexible & long stems.


✤Brassica oleracea var. acephala f. tricolor
➊High quality standards (shipping standards, sorting standards, keep freshness)
➋They sort products stem size of 40-60cm and flower diameter of about 10cm. So makes them extremely easy to use.

  • 201130S110micro Haresugata
  • 201130S112Haresugata
  • 201130S114Haru no utage
  • 201130S116Feather White
  • 201130S118Miyabi
    Original species!


  • 201130S120micro Kirameki
    Original species!
  • 201130S122Feather red
  • 201130S124micro koisugata


Stems grow tight and well-shaped. They always focus on quality.

  • 201130S102Grand Bleu
  • 201130S104Platinum Bleu
  • 201130S106Super Lavender
  • 201130S108Pastel Lavender


Chrysal professional 2 is given to the water of displayed items.

Translated by Y. Fuchu