Gentiana from JA Nasuno










Today we would like to offer Gentiana from JA Nasuno in Tochigi-prefecture.

We started to receive their shipment about a week later than the average year, but their Gentiana in this season is splendid. Although there are ten growers of Gentiana in JA Nasuno, we have been receiving only from three of them. Still, the amount of shipment will be increased by the end of this month.

The main variety is “Ruri Otome,” which is originally bred in Tochigi, and with those originally bred in Nasu including “Nasu no Aozora,” and other color types, they have about fifteen varieties planted. We recommend their excellent grade of Gentiana that has 80cm height and five layers of flower buds with vivid color. Please give it a try on this opportunity!

Additionally, in the same JA area, items like Spray Mum, Rose, Astilbe and Veronica are increasingly available so please consider using them too.











Origanal article written by Mr. Mieda, translated by Yamamoto