“Gentian”, the flower which brings victory

Previously I introduced the color of the Olympics logo and Gentian, today I will introduce the flower languages of Gentian.

Gentian’s flower languages mostly represent justice and victory, thus along with Gladiolus, Gentian is sometimes called “flower of victory” because of its upward flowering shape.

Notes; The reason for Gladiolus is said that the shape of the leaves looks like “Gradius,” which is a dagger used in ancient Rome, representing victory. It is also said that the name of Gladiolus originates from this word.

Gentian is a really suitable flower for the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics in that it is deep blue-violet, which reminds of the traditional Japanese color (indigo blue), and also is symbolic of “victory.”

At the foreign cemetery in Yokohama, Gentians besides white Lilies and red Roses are often seen to be laid.
Red Rose symbolizes “Love” or “I love you” and Lily is symbolic of “Solemn.” Plus, Gentian’s another flower meaning is “To feel compassion for your sorrow.”
These languages may be the reasons why those flowers are there.


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Original article written by Mr. Murata