Flower farm Tsukasa “carnations”


Flower farm Tsukasa, which we receive flowers from for the third year this season, grows carnations in the mountains of the Izu Inatori district of Shizuoka prefecture. The growing area of 4,630㎡ is at 300m above sea level. The cultivation volume is currently about 600,000 stems with 26 varieties.

The area has an advantage in cultivation of being cool even in summer at high altitude, and that contributes to earlier harvesting than other growers in the southwestern region.

While stable cultivation is getting difficult due to global warming in recent years, Flower farm Tsukasa is trying to avoid bad influences from the climate change by making full use of technology in production. In addition, they are targeting for stable cultivation by working hard day and night so that customers can purchase with confidence.

Why don’t you use flowers from Flower farm Tsukasa, as you can always choose flowers from their well-balanced variations?


Original article written by Mr. Sano, translated by Fuchu