Hitachino Carnation’s Union



Grower:Hitachino Carnation’s Union in Ibaraki Prefecture

We would like to introduce Hitachino Carnation Growers Cooperative. They have a wide range of original varieties and they offer gurantee in freshness on their products.

The Cooperative consists of carnation growers living in 12 different places in Ibaraki prefecture.

They have a wide range of varieties, and which fascinates various customers’ demands. The Cooperative has been keeping strict quality control co-working with handling wholesale markets since November 2001, to “keep freshness for 13 days after auction day”.

Spray Carnation

  • 180326S550Budou(means Grapes in Japanese)
  • 180326S552LollipopViolet
  • 180326S554Piaf
  • 180326S556Redeye
  • 180326S558Token


  • 180326S562Ichigo(means Strawberry in Japanese)
  • 180326S564Sunrose
  • 180326S566Piegon
  • 180326S568Borero
  • 180326S574Viva


  • 180326S576Pink Bijou
  • 180326S578Reira
  • 180326S580Shion
  • 180326S582Shibori
  • 180326S586Shiroi hiyoko(means White Chicks in Japanese)


  • 180326S588Sakura (means Cherry blossom in Japanese)
  • 180326S590Milky Way
  • 180326S594Hiyoko(means Chicks in Japanese)
  • 180326S596Lamune
  • 180326S600Kirari


  • 180326S602Guernsy Yellow
  • 180326S604Lemon
  • 180326S608Royal Green
  • 180326S612Shell Pink
  • 180326S614Amelie


  • 180326S620Arare
  • 180326S624Orange Lemon
  • 180326S626Sango
  • 180326S628Orange Amelie


Standard Carnation

  • 180326S560Miracle Rouge
  • 180326S570Feminine Minami
  • 180326S572Ariel
  • 180326S584Humming
  • 180326S592Moonlight


  • 180326S598Poli Minami
  • 180326S606Marty
  • 180326S610Green Olive
  • 180326S616Light Caroline
  • 180326S618Orange Minami


  • 180326S622Aurora Orange


NAMAHAGE Dahlias – Start of relayed shipment

– Exhibition details
Sponsor : Akita Prefecture, Miyazaki Prefecture
Producer : ZEN-NOH Shin Akita, ZEN-NOH Miyazaki Chuo
Exhibit : “NAMAHAGE Dahlias”
Flower Artist : Mr. Seiji Nakamigawa


Akita Prefecture and Miyazaki Prefecture jointly promote the start of relayed shipment of “NAMAHAGE Dahlia”. A series of “NAMAHAGE Dahlia” variety is originated from Akita Prefecture.

As a new approach from this year, it has become possible to get the “NAMAHAGE Dahlia” throughout the year by cooperation between Akita and Miyazaki.


The following 4 varieties are shipped from Miyazaki as well this year.





Good “mums” day

In Japan, November 6 becomes a new anniversary of chrysanthemum, promoted jointly by growers, retailers and wholesalers. It comes from two reasons; (1) chrysanthemum is a autumn flower and (2) 1-1-0-6 can be pronounced in Japanese as good “mums” by playing-on-words.

Chrysanthemum naturally blooms between October 20 and December 20 in Japan. Historically, it was (and has been) one of luxurious hobbies to enjoy making chrysanthemum bloom. We can find exhibitions of chrysanthemums and chrysanthemum-dolls everywhere in Japan during this period.

Please enjoy chrysanthemums competing each other in blooming during this season when you can do best in a year.