Redleaf rose, Rosa glauca from Kita-Sorachi Kouikiren

Today, we would like to introduce redleaf rose, Rosa glauca from Kita-Sorachi Kouikiren (regional federation of agricultural cooperatives), Hokkaido.

Since the beggining of this month, redleaf rose has been available shipped from Fukagawa city, Hokkaido, where redleaf rose is one of the local specialities.

Eight growers make a lot of effort and try to supply stable amount of the seasonal cut-tree branches, although the producton amount is decreasing due to the aging problem.

This year, it densely bears vivid-red berries. As the supply is expected to decrease gradually from the peak season right now, we recommend you to have a try asap.

Kita-Sorachi also brings autumn-colored hydrangeas, spiraea japonica, symphoricarpos and so on to our market.

By all means, please grab redleaf rose and other seasonal cut-tree branches from Kita-Sorachi!

Originally posted by Mr. Ishizuka

Translated by R.Kato